Tanja is able to use Naturopathy to treat a wide range of diseases and illnesses, including:

- A -
Acne Addison's Disease Aging Allergies
Anorexia nervosa Arthritis osteoarthritis / Rheumatoid arthritis Asthma Autoimmune disease
Alcoholism Alzheimer's Disease Amenorrhea Anemia
Angina pectoris Anxiety Arrhythmia Arteriosclerosis
Atonic bladder

- B -
Benign breast disease Benign prostate hyperplasia Bleeding Boils
Bronchial asthma Bronchitis Burns

- C -
Cancer Candida Cardiovascular disease Catarrh
Cerebrovascular disease Cholecystitis Colic Colitis
Common cold Conjunctivitis Constipation Cough
Cramps Crohn's disease Cystic Hyperplasia Cystitis

- D -
Deafness Debility Dementia Depression
Diabetes Diarrhea Digestive weakness Diverticulitis
Dizziness Drug Abuse Duodenitis Dysentery
Dysmenorrhea - period pain

- E -
Eczema Edema Endometriosis Epilepsy

- F -
Fever Fibroids Flatulence Follicular cyst

- G -
Gall stones Gallbladder disease Gastric reflux Gastritis
Gingivitis Glandular fever Glaucoma Gout
Grave's disease

- H -
Hemorrhoids Hay fever Headaches Hepatitis
Herpes simplex and zoster High cholesterol Hypertension Hyperthyroidism
Hypoglycemia Hypothyroidism

- I -
Immune deficiency Impotence Incontinence Indigestion
Infections Infertility Infestation parasitic Influenza
Injuries Insomnia Irritability Irritable bowel syndrome

- J -

- L -
Lactation Laryngeal spasm Laryngitis Liver cirrhosis
Liver disease Liver toxicity Lymphoma

- M -
Mastitis Memory and concentration disturbance Meniere's disease Menopause
Menorrhagia -uncontrolled menstrual bleeding Menstrual irregularity Miscarriage Morning sickness

- N -
Nausea Nephritis Nerve damage Nervous exhaustion
Nervous tachycardia Nervous tension Neuralgia Night cramps
Night sweats

- O -
Ovarian pain Ovarian cyst Ovulation irregular Ovulation, painful

- P -
Palpitations Pertussis Pharyngitis Pharyngitis
Polycystic ovarian syndrome Post-partum bleeding Post-viral syndrome Pregnancy false labor pains
Pregnancy sickness Preparation for labor Pregnancy preeclampsia Premenstrual syndrome
Progesterone deficiency Prostatitis Pruritis Psoriasis
Pulmonary fibrosis

- R -
Radiation side effects of Raynaud's syndrome Restless legs Restlessness
Retinal damage Rheumatism Rheumatoid arthritis Rhinitis

- S -
Sciatica Scleroderma Senile macular degeneration Shingles
Sinusitis Skin disorders Sperm count, low Spider veins
Splenic enlargement Stomatitis Stress Stroke
Surgery Sweating excessive Sweet cravings

- T -
Tachycardia Thrombosis Thyroid gland low function Thyrotoxicosis
Tinea / Athlete's foot Tinnitus Tonsillitis

- U -
Ulcer gastric Ulcers in the mouth Urethritis Urinary stones
Urinary tract infections Urticaria Uterine bleeding dysfunctional

- V -
Varicose veins Vertigo/ Dizziness Visual fatigue

- W -
Warts Weight loss Wounds

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