A Naturopath will ask many questions to gain as much information possible about the individual. This will help with understanding the person as a whole and to find the underlying reason for the disease. When the cause of the disease if identified and removed, our body's own healing mechanisms are activated, enabling the body to cure itself.

Iridology is the science of iris reading. The iris is the coloured part of the eye, its patterns and markings reflect the state of the body. As changes occur in the body, they are reflected the iris. Constitutional iridology provides information about genetic predispositions towards strengths and weaknesses in the body. Once identified, treatments can be customised for prevention against organ damage the body is predisposed to. The Iris can also provide information about personality traits and emotional state.

Dietary analysis is also used to assess any nutritional deficiencies. They can be treated with diet change or supplementation.

Emotional well being will be assessed and counselling and flower essence therapy may be recommended.

Stress management may also be provided in accordance with the persons' needs.

At the end of the session treatment plan is designed and discussed. Remedies are made for the individual needs of the person treated. The prescription may include herbal tablets or tonics, homeopathic drops, mineral therapy, flower essences or creams.

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